Earn With Us!

Welcome! We are pleased that you want to become a part of our Boutique!

  1. You must call 269.945.9605 to make your initial appointment. This is a requirement.
  2. Bring in a maximum of 30 stylish and "in season" items. They must be freshly washed and folded neatly in a white or black kitchen bag (we have very little hanging space). Clothing MUST be free of stains, pills, rips, missing buttons, and pet hair. Purses and shoes MUST be wiped in and out. Jewelry must be clean and in baggies. Products from Kmart, Walmart, long dresses or sleepwear will not be accepted. Bras are OK; swimwear only February - August.
  3. Would you like to receive a check? You will receive 40% of the selling price. A $10 fee will be automatically deducted in January.

For more information, please contact us and we can send you our Consignment Boutique Contract so you can have that filled out and bring to your appointment.

Hanging With Sue!

I'm pleased to announce Hanging with Sue! CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO!

  1. Do you want your closet to be cleaned and everything put back into place?
  2. Might you enjoy getting rid of the clothes you just don't like anymore and just keep the smashing outfits?
  3. Maybe you'd like them in order by color, or sleeve length or even coded with a color ring of all the ones you could mix and match?

I have several ways to implement your ideas with mine so that your closet space is all that you've dreamed of! Make sure to call me personally, Susie Otto, your Closet Therapist at 616.813.0911 to talk more in detail about what your goals are!

Custom Fit Swimwear!

Custom Order Swimwear!

  1. I provide your total fit swimwear!
  2. 75 different patterns and color pallets to choose from.
  3. Previously Pink is the only Boutique in Hastings that provides this custom-wear service!

Please as for me personally to schedule an appointment so we can start getting you looking sharp and sexy! Just ask for Sue when you call 269.945.9605.

Gift Certificate

Previously Pink Gift Certificate!

  1. Presented to!!!
  2. Choose your amount!!!
  3. We supply the actual gift certificate!

Be sure to ask me or one of our clerks for one! We'll be happy to set you up!